Referencing the Bible, all things were wonderfully and perfectly made but we as humans tend to have our own desire and wish. We admire a stature, hair type, and complexion we tends not to specifically have, therefore, we try to be a replica of what we desire by any means possible.

We at HonestGist will always preach your need to love and appreciate yourself but notwithstanding, we have some good sides of this act and we have the bad side as well. We will have our attention focused on skin bleaching in this post.

Everyone desires a flawless skin but unfortunately, the imperfection we have on our skin such as acne, scars, and complexion is part of life. They help us appear in our own unique way. However, some people want this erased and look the exact way they desire, therefore they opt for bleaching products that enhance this desired look but luckily and unluckily, this product has some advantages and disadvantages, and that is what we will base our post on today.


  • Skin bleaching products enhance your skin’s texture: bleaching products removed the dead cells on skin surface and enhance your skin texture, thereby making your skin more attractive and lightened.
  • Skin toning and lightening: Skin bleaching products have lot to offer when you want to get rid of that mark, scar, and complexion without going through any surgery.


  • High probability of skin damage by sun: The bleached part of the skin becomes highly sensitive to the sun ray and might result to critical damage to your skin but  to prevent this, you can opt for sun screen  or avoid the sun completely.
  • Sensitive Skin Reaction: some skins are allergic to some particular bleaching products and this might include burning sensation and skin itching, therefore, you need to have some allergic test before applying any bleaching product on your skin.

Overall, we will advice that you love, appreciate, and maintain your skin. Appear in your own unique way, and look attractive always, no one can love you more than you love yourself.