It is not new that sometimes you don’t get the attention of who you really want as a lady or woman. You sighted your kind of guy or man but he is not giving you the attention you desire. It looks so disheartening but the fact is, you are not the only one facing this problem, therefore Honest Gist is here to make things work for you!

At the end of this post, just go out there and get your man!

Kindly read through the tips we have provided for you.

  • Love and accept yourself for who you are: In this world today, we tend to forget the good thing s about ourselves but focus on the inappropriate and things we don’t like. It is when you love yourself, look at that thing you love and cherish, then focus your attention on it and love it. Forget the things you don’t like; those parts of your body you wish you could change, the color of your hair or skin, your boobs shape or size. If you don’t find yourself attractive then I am sorry no one will!
  • DO AND WEAR SOMETHING DIFFERENT: Sometimes you just have to do something different to be noticed, you cannot be putting on a single style of cloth for decades and expects to be noticed; you are who you are, you do nothing differently, you used the same style all years, no makeup or any beauty enhancer, I am afraid to tell you, people around you will not see anything different in you, so, they might not find you attractive like when you do something different. Change your hairstyles, put on fitting cloths, and enhance your beauty, and smile!
  • APPRECIATE YOURSELF BY TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF: The tip looks so common and like what is normal, but it is more easier to say than it is done, most people quit trying to look sexy because they feel it is not yielding anything but you cannot get the best of sexiness if you don’t appreciate your body by giving it the best it deserves,  this body stood for you in hardship and you need to show gratitude; eat well, exercise it, take good sleep and have a good rest of mind, you will see your body giving you the best appearance ever.
  • TRY TO COQUET OR FLIRT: Your conversation and body language has a lot to do with your possibility of being sexy especially when you are around the man you are trying to attract, therefore, there is need to flirt with whatever you are comfortable with. Stylishly joking with your partner or the man you wish to be with is always a good way to begin to get noticed and lived, therefore, flirt!
  • BE YOURSELF AND DON’T TRY TO BE OTHERS: Majority of those who are victim of this point are individuals who tries to compare themselves with others. Being sexy requires confidence and you cannot be confidence by trying to be someone else; you need to love yourself and be unique in your own way.

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