We all want to look younger forever, retaining that healthy skin, having that bright smile forever. The sad news is also that you can look older than your age, even if you don’t want to grow old.

Therefore, www.honestgist.us has got some tips and short guild to help you retain that glowing skin much longer and look younger than your skin.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and eat much of water melon: although a lot of people know how the rays from the sun could damage the skin but how about watermelon? Yes, watermelon! This fruit contains lycopene which will help to heal and refresh the skin from the inside and reduce redness and other damages the sun has earlier caused your skin. So, you should take a little of it for your skin replenishment.
  • Clean up your make up brushes: While we apply our make up to brighten our beauty, it is common to women not to remember to take proper care of their makeup kits  by washing them at least once in ten days. This brush attracts dirt and bacterial and using it to rub another makeup might eventually affect your skin.
  • Go to bed and have good sleep: Now listen, this is my advice to those who love to look happy in a younger glow looking skin; never deny yourself a good sleep. At least, seven hours per day, that’s the best time for your skin to be rejuvenated and be nourished with as much nutrients it might need. Take Good Sleep, drink at least two cups of water per day, and have a good rest. It will pay you in the long run because you will always look younger and happier.

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