Yeah! This is going to be fun and I know you can’t wait to see something interesting about yourself. It is true you have the power and the ability in you to decide who you want to be and how you want to live your life but the fact is; there are certain period we are born that has effect on our life and personality, although, this might not apply always but it does sometimes.

HonestGist cooked up some fun facts about you base on your personality and we are glad to post it for you to view!

  • January: people born in this month have the attributes of leadership, they tends to be independent, and are usually competitive. These set of people enjoys being distinguished, disciplined, creative; therefore, we can say January people are passionate which is positive!
  • February: yeah! The valentine month, the month of love; February born are usually loving, caring, and committed to a relationship. This set of people tends to reduce stress by spending time with their friends and family.  Although, these set of people tends to get angry easily but they take longer to show it. We can say February born are fun to be with!
  • March: People born in this month are often up and down, they might be appreciated today and be disgraced tomorrow, they are rarely found to be committed to a relationship because they could be unfaithful to it but when they eventually fall in love, it is usually deep. People born in the month of March could be childish but excel greatly when they learn to be decisive and independent, they are also lovers of peace and tourism. We can say these categories of people are unpredictable.
  • April: these sets of people are often generous, Ambitious and charismatic. They are passionate about others and can do anything to make people around them happy, they do not mind doing anything for knowledge, meaning they love to learn.  We can say an April born is a good passionate friend.
  • May: This month is known as the month of yielding abundantly and month of new start. People born in May are usually optimistic and see good in things, they love to travel and are open to change. May born could fall in love easily and are fun to be with.
  • June: Those born in this month do make great parents, their peers are usually comfortable telling them their hurdles and are great lovers. However they gets bored easily and be procrastinating.
  • July: They are usually loved by those to them due to their caring and sincere attitude. They could be a loner but when they eventually have a friend, they maintain and stay committed to it.
  • August: These sets of people values friendship and marriage, they are loving and see good in everyone, and serves as inspiration to their peers. They do not like to take advice from others  always and as a result, they learn the hard way, but with their enthusiastic and hard working nature, they tends to be very successful.
  • September: Those born in the month of September are often intelligent and could be spiritual, they could be accommodating but likely to easily get depressed, so, if you are a September born, take it easy with yourself and reduce your level of secretiveness and make more friends.
  • October: These sets of people are prone to be famous and successful leaders, sexy and beautiful, and value relationship. They could be argumentative and try their possible best to make you pay for a wrong doing, therefore , it is good you avoid hurting an October born, however, those who overcome these habit tends to be very successful.
  • November: we could refer to them as optimistic or positive people, they put in their best to succeed and secure a great future, decisive and passionate about their goal but could be easily angered.
  • December: The great month everyone looks up to for celebration! These sets of people care so much about their family and love to spend time with them, December born are often emotional and persevere greatly for their goals to be achieved. They are prone to be wealthy and happy. However, they are usually faced with impatience but anyone who overcomes this tends to be very successful.

All birth month comes with it goodies and it is path of what makes you unique, so, look into your life now and recognize what is not right and start planning on how to correct and amend it.

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