Hey there! Honest Gist has got some fun facts for you about the US and her citizens.

Without any doubt, the fun in knowing what people think about you in connection with who you truly are cannot be underestimated; therefore, we have put together some lovely facts about the United States of America and her Citizens.

  • AMERICANS ARE INNOVATIVE: Without doubt, the Americans has contributed tremendously to the development of the world. Part of it is the airplane which has made transportation so much easy and fast today, it was invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright who are American inventors and Pioneers of Aviation. The Americans has also recorded other inventions such as Transistors, electronic light bulb, internet, etc.
  • THE UNITED STATE VALUES THE LIVES OF HER CITIZENS: The United State of America is a good mother! All mothers values their children lives and all countries does too but the US does not joke or allows any country to meddle with any of their citizens, therefore, they are widely honored and respected!
  • THE UNITED STATE BEAUTIFUL FLAG WAS DESIGHNED BY A 17 YEAR OLD BOY: The famous beautiful flag of the United State was designed by Robert G. Heft; a seventeen year old boy. This also portrays the indiscriminative of the US government.
  • THE UNITED STATE HAS WON THE MOST OLYMPIC MEDAL GAME: The America citizens are awesome in creativity and sporting activities and one of the evidence is the numbers of medals they have won!
  • THE UNITED STAE HAS THE LARGEST GROWING ECONOMY:  Seriously? Yes, it is! Although china is trying to take that position but the United State still maintains her position as the largest growing economy.
  • THE UNITED STATE HAS THE LARGEST NUMBERS OF ENTREPRENEURS: I mentioned it earlier that the US citizens are so creative and this fact is a confirmation as the country makes dreams achievable for her citizens, therefore it is referred to as “Land of Dream and Opportunities”.
  • THE US HOUSE THE WORLD GPS: All countries makes use of the GPS system which can be used for location detector and tracking but the fun fact is that it is hosted by the US government and therefore the government can decide to shut it down at anytime.
  • THE AMERICAN CITIZENS CONSUMES THE LARGEST PIZZA: Yes! Pizza is sweet and we love it! The Americans consumes over three billion worth of pizza each year which makes her the most pizza consuming country.
  • AMERICA IS A HOME OF LIBERTY: The United State gives her citizens the freedom of speech, expression, and press, therefore, her land is often referred to as “Land of Free”
  • THE UNITED STATE PASSPORT IS ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE PASSPORT TO POSSESS IN THE WORL: United State citizens have the opportunity to travel to one hundred and sixteen countries with additional forty four countries on visa on arrival. If you are a United State citizen, you have a reason to be proud of being one!

Pride yourself!

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