The United state of America today is home to the largest umbers of Billionaires in the world, with China as the second. We all love our Country and we are glad to be topping the list, therefore, we will focus our attention on the United State of America and be stating the fun facts about the America billionaires.

  • The richest man and the second in the world are Americans: You can easily guess those I am about to mention but what if you guess them wrongly? Yeah! They are no one else but the CEO of Amazon (the popular e-commerce website): Jeff Bezos, who has a net worth of $112 billion and the CEO of Microsoft (the famous computer design company): Bill Gate, who also has a net worth of $90 billion dollars. God is blessing America!
  • The Billionaire record favors a gender more than the other:  This should not sound wired to you and females should not be sad about this: the truth is, the male has the highest numbers of billionaires than the female although we have heard of female billionaires like Alice Walton, Oprah Winfrey, Abigail Johnson, Jacqueline Mars, Blair Parry-Okeden, etc, but the fact still holds that more than 75% of America Billionaires are male.
  •  More than 40% of American Billionaires below age 40 took advantage of the technology: Our recent research on those who had accrued much of fortune at the middle age of 40 years acquire their wealth from the field of technology, example is Bill Gate and Jeff Bezos, they both took advantage of the technology and use it for something impactful.
  • America Billionaires are Philanthropist: Yes they are! Most of our billionaires who has spent so much time to acquire riches and impact varieties of lives by what they do end up using their money to assist the needy. This made America unique and lovely among other nations today. We are respected any where we find ourselves because we have so much to offer!

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