There exists varieties of creams in the cosmetic stores today that we can easily chose to use and take as our new favorites but what seems to bother a lot of us is the ability of choosing the right product that fits our skin.

However, you have no reason to worry, HonestGist is here for you!

We will be putting up some things to consider before you chose that cream and start using it for your precious skin.

  • Ingredients: The ingredients and their concentration in the cream we want to purchase for use of are the major thing to consider when choosing. It is true this creams contains some chemical compounds name you might not even know their functions but you are expected to know the functions of at least five of this ingredients since they are arranged according to their concentration.
  • Know your skin type to know what you need: We all don’t have the same types of skin, therefore our skin determines what we need; there are dry skin, Oily skin, Combination skin, sensitive skin, normal skin (barely breaks, smooth texture, and tolerates all skin care products). Knowing the category of your skin will assist you to know what skin care product you should apply.
  • Don’t be carried away by  a product marketing techniques: every product company want to have a great sales and therefore, they come up with different empty promises with a lovely picture of before and after that will always get your mind blown off with great expectation but you later end up regretting your purchase of such product. As a result of this, we will always suggest you read reviews about these products on various website, google is always friendly, so, do not let beauty products get hold of you wrongly. You should also understand that a product is pricey does not mean such product is genuine and that it will definitely work for that precious skin of yours, therefore, a good verification of a product is what pays!

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